About us

About Us

Özcam Kristal was established since 1990.The job is our father job. The best tea glass sets, the best water sets and another sets are production with Özcam Kristal quality.

Our factory content;

  • Gold Gilding
  • Painting
  • Decor
  • Sandblasting 
  • Transfer and desing

Our factory has two high degree furnace.

Crystal Processing by Ozcam Kristal

Many home-made crystal glass items such as custom design decoration items, custom design cup sets. All this is the story of an adventure that turns from sand to glass and from glass to crystals. Crystal processing by Özcam Kristal continues to develop by incorporating original designs. In this way, many useful items such as ornaments, glass coffee tables, jugs are obtained outside of home decoration. All of them are produced with special design applications to appeal to the finest tastes. The glamorous design and robustness of the cup sets adorned with gold gilding is a productive process. In this way, crystal cups, cups, tea plates, plates and water glasses can be used for many years.

Quality with Özcam Kristal and Paşabahçe Products

It is no coincidence that glass is transformed into crystal and crystalline quality by using special furnaces and applications. Özcam Kristal has expanded its product range by taking advantage of Paşabahçe quality. This wide range has enabled us to reach more customers and to achieve more satisfaction. Knowing that we will make a reference for the next job in every job we do, and touching different lives is our best source of motivation. It is our greatest pride to know that cristalized tastes are sometimes used to crown the most special moments, and sometimes to sweeten a nice guest conversation. For this purpose, we aim to do better in every job and we increase our quality to a higher level with each work.



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