Our Service Policy

As Özcam Crystal, we continue to aim for you with the best in our 30 years of experience. For this purpose, we are a strict follower of the process from the design of the products to the sale of your products to your home. For this purpose, we use Paşabahçe quality for our crystal design products. After obtaining our glass cups from Paşabahçe company, we are able to use them in various tables and use them in your tables. Ozcam crystal cup designs, we aim to have the most favorite parts of your home. Therefore, we have a rigorous application process. Our service policy at this point:


Quality production

Unique design

Reliable payment convenience

Undamaged and fast delivery

Easy return and exchange system has taken shape.

So, what kind of work are we doing when designing the best for you, how do we make the best crystal cup designs? Below is the activity process where the glass is first transformed into crystal and then the highest quality crystal cup designs.


From Glass to Crystal of Home

The story of being a glass of sand is the result of dressing with fire. The glass, which is formed by melting in high temperature furnaces with various materials, is converted into crystal by various processes. At this stage, we design our Özcam crystal cup designs with various processing methods in our production workshops.


In addition to processing unique and unique patterns on the products, we apply different techniques such as sandblasting, painting, gilding for special design crystal cup sets. Finally, there is a final stage to ensure permanency in these applications. In 600 degree furnaces, we ensure that our designs and shapes are permanent. This fusing process ensures fixing and allows for long-term use of various decorated designs.


This is how our thousands of designs appeal to the finest tastes and appeal to different tastes. Of course, the final version of the story of turning from glass to crystal is when our products reach your hand reliably. These crystal cups and various ornamental products become part of your life as a witness to your new stories.


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